Student accused of murdering Texas Tech police officer used stolen gun, officials say


close Hollis Daniels allegedly killed officer at police station after being taken in for drug paraphernalia.

Texas Tech officer shot, 19-year-old student arrested

Hollis Daniels allegedly killed officer at police station after being taken in for drug paraphernalia.

The shooter arrested on the campus of Texas Tech University after he allegedly murdered a police officer may face additional federal charges for using a stolen gun.

Hollis Daniels, 19, was indicted on Wednesday by a federal grand jury for possession of a stolen firearm, according to The young college student also has been charged with capital murder of a peace officer.

The incident occurred on Monday when Texas Tech campus police brought Daniels to the campus police station after finding evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia in his dorm room. At the station, the freshman pulled out a gun and allegedly shot an officer in the head before fleeing on foot. Daniels was later apprehended by campus police near the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum.

Officials with Texas Tech confirmed to KXAS 5 that Daniels did not use a police department gun in the shooting. Original reports suggested that he may have stolen the gun from a police officer while he was detained at the station.

Hollis Daniels in custody after shooting an officer at the police station and fleeing the scene. Video

Student accused of killing Texas Tech officer arrested

Officers originally were called to Daniels' dorm room to conduct a welfare check after they received complaints that a student was acting erratic and may have had a weapon. While they found the drug contraband, cops did not find a weapon on Daniels until he pulled it out and opened fire at the station.

Under Texas’ recently implemented campus carry law, Daniels was too young to even possess a handgun in the state — let alone on a college campus.

Signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 2015 and going into effect in August 2016, the campus carry law mirrors state policy that stipulates that applicants for a concealed carry permit must be at least 21 years old and have no felony convictions, among other conditions.

Texas is one of 10 states in the country that permits the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses. When the state law went into effect in 2016, it immediately raised concerns among some students, faculty, and activists in the Lone Star State over the safety of having firearms on campus.

Fox News’ Andrew O’Reilly contributed to this article.


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