Sheriff says baby dies after being left in car by mistake


HAMMOND, La. – Louisiana investigators say an 8-month-old boy has died after being left in a car for 8½ hours by mistake.

Tangipahoa (TAN-jih-puh-HOH-uh) Parish Sheriff's spokeswoman Dawn Panepinto (PAN-uh-PIN-toh) says the baby was found in the car Wednesday afternoon when his guardian went to a daycare center to pick him up.

Panepinto says in a news release that the woman thought she had dropped the baby off about 8 a.m., but found him in her car.

She says the baby apparently spent the day in the car outside the woman's workplace in Hammond.

Temperatures there hit 90 degrees (32 degrees Celsius) Wednesday. University of Georgia researchers have found that at that outdoor temperature, a car's interior can reach 136 degrees (58 degrees Celsius) in an hour.


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