Michael Goodwin: Why Trump’s ‘Dreamers’ deal probably won’t happen


close Top Democrats slam the administration's immigration policies.

President Trump links Dreamers to the border wall

Top Democrats slam the administration's immigration policies.

A month ago, liberals were celebrating a sudden deal on “Dreamers” that President Trump made with congressional Democrats. Chuck Schumer, the senate minority leader, was downright giddy when a hot mic later caught him gloating that Trump “likes me.”

Now the wedding is off, the bromance kaput, and a new deal will have to be made. Blame it on the wall.

Trump’s bid for bipartisanship was the talk of Washington, especially after he confirmed the outlines himself, including the fact that funding for his signature wall on the border with Mexico would “come later.” But somewhere along the line, the man who wrote the “Art of the Deal” realized he had made a classically bad bargain.

Trump gave away too much, and got almost nothing in return. Dems got protections for the 800,000 “Dreamers,” who were brought to America illegally as minors, yet the president got no Dem votes on the repeal of ObamaCare, tax reform or anything else on his agenda.

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Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist.


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