Glass bridge in China looks like it’s shattering under tourists’ feet


The East Taihang administration has apologized for the "provocative" prank, but they have no plans to stop.

The East Taihang administration has apologized for the "provocative" prank, but they have no plans to stop. (iStock)

Glass sky bridges always test people’s threshold for how much they can stand looking down at jaw-dropping heights, but one bridge — in Hebei, China — is really pushing it with panels of glass made to look like they’re cracking under people’s feet.

The glass bridge, on the eastern face of the Taihang Mountain, hangs 3,871 feet above sea level, which would probably be a thrilling (or terrifying) height even without novelty cracking glass.

But for some people, the possibility of near and imminent death is how you spell fun. Apparently. For tourists, not so much. In videos posted by visitors, some respond with excitement, while some respond with out-and-out terror.

According to Mashable, the East Taihang administration has released an apology, explaining that the look of the near-shattered glass was meant to be “provocative.”

Some of the panels also had shattered fragments of glass placed between the layers so that when you walk over them, the glass sounds and looks as if it’s breaking. Not exactly the most welcome noise at 3,000 feet.

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It doesn't help that in recent years there have been previous reports of China's popular glass bridges and walkways actually shattering.

Although the administration has apologized, there are no plans to replace the panels.

Many users on the Chinese social media site Weibo have been outraged by seeing people being frightened on the glass bridge. Some said that the effects could even trigger heart attacks, according to Mashable.


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